Laya Martinez


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A word from the author

I have lived three different lives, each clearly demarcated by my original, nuclear family’s acceptance or rejection of me based on my marital choices. In many ways, my story is a real-life, modern day variation of Fiddler on the Roof. For those who "stray," if you're not accepted by your family, for whatever reason; if your family says no, life does go on. You can create your own extended family, as I did. It took years, with long stretches of heartache and loneliness. It was worth it for the loving extended family I now have. Most of all, my children know, that with whomever they choose as a partner or friend, and whichever path they turn down in life, our extended family will always be there for them.

The essence of life and of When Your Family Says No is that choices abound. Even if all appears hopeless, choices are available. No matter how long it's been, you still have possibilities. The strong friendships, alliances, and connections that you didn't have in one setting, you can create in the next setting. As long as you're alive and positive, chances come your way.
You can create a family who says yes.
Laya Martinez