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Making Choices
There are many ways that we make decisions in our lives. We make choices dependent on what is expected of us by family, friends, religion, or other influences. We may also make choices based on research and data. Yet another way that we make choices comes from relying on our own gut instincts.
Sometimes the decisions we need to make are fairly straight-forward and easy. Other times, we are challenged with making very difficult decisions. But once we have made up or minds and moved to take action, it can have a great effect on how things turn out from that point on.
Our most important choices hinge on knowing who we really are and recognizing what is most important to us. These are the kinds of decisions that take time and thought. Major life changing decisions should be formed with care.
Making the best choices depends on many factors such as how well you know yourself and how much you trust your ability to make good decisions. Some of the options we face can be a little scary, even when they are for the better. Ask yourself what you really need and want in order to be happy and whether you are willing to take that chance. Remember that if you do not make choice, someone else may make it for you.


From:   Tonya

Comment:   I find your book interesting.


From:   Susan

Comment:   You have a lot of courage. I did not have the courage that you had, so I could not leave the world I came from.


From:   Michelle

Comment:   Great advice!


From:   Jake

Comment:   Thank you!


From:   Jen

Comment:   I agree, great advice.