Laya Martinez


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A page turning story of love and betrayal, When Your Family Says No gives us a glimpse into what it is like to live in the secreted world of religious orthodoxy where every movement and thought is controlled and governed. Laya Martinez’s voice is both tender and gripping. And, while her story has the power to break your heart, its greatest power lies in showing reader that true grace and unconditional love arrive only when one has the strength to follow her own convictions. Don’t miss this life-changing memoir, it could change your life.
” Suzanne Kingsbury, critically acclaimed author of The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me”
When Your Family Says No
When Your Family Says No is Laya Martinez’s own story of forbidden love, family rejection, forgiveness, and survival. Her unforgettable memoir opens as she embarks on a thrilling adventure that will change her life forever. Nothing in her strict orthodox Jewish upbringing could have prepared her for an exhilarating new world of freedom or for the anguish of rejection awaiting her. Like a bird emerging from its shell, she flies off to marry a secret love, a decision that will bring ecstasy and heartbreak. Marrying someone outside of her orthodox Jewish world was a major transgression demanding that Laya be scorned and disowned by her family. At first the rapture of new love sustained her, but with time and the births of her children, she missed the closeness of family. Her children longed to learn their history and to share with their mother’s relatives the special events of their lives. How Laya filled the void left by her family’s abandonment is an inspiring story that offers hope to anyone suffering from similar disheartening circumstances. Never succumbing to sorrow, guilt, or anger, Laya ultimately rejoined and even forgave her family for the many years of pain they had inflicted on her. Laya openly confides her innermost fears and agonizing dilemmas with honesty and heartfelt emotion. Her uplifting story will touch and amuse but also challenge us to reflect with her on the power of close-minded religious fervor to ostracize individuals and destroy families.
“Isabelle Gundaker”